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ValuWorld.com is a new Web advertising portal owned by Valu-Line OnLine.  Valu-Line is a company with different notions…some old and some new…about how an Internet advertising company works!  Different concepts about how to maximize the value that Web advertising can deliver to site visitors, advertisers, and agents.  ValuWorld is the accumulation of years of experience in the business of delivering value.  ValuWorld is the beginning realization of an international portal to deliver these “value ideas” over the World Wide Web.

If you are a site visitor, you will find a wide array of businesses offering a myriad of products and services!  As we grow, the variety of places and products will grow with us!  Visit us often, and explore the many sites and businesses featured here.  Visit these businesses.  Buy from them.  They have many values awaiting you! 

If you are a business, we would like to add you to our growing family of advertisers!  ValuWorld.com sells Web advertising exclusively to the commercial marketplace.  Our growing network of local agents will visit your business, listen to you and identify your needs, then provide an advertisement that will meet those needs!  Your ValuWorld advertisement is designed to bring prospects into your business so you can turn them into satisfied customers!  We offer multiple ad formats with accessories that allow you to customize and choose the advertisement that is just right for your business and your budget!

Your ValuWorld Agent will cut through the confusion and simplify the process of getting your business on the Web and making the Web productive for you!  We use the “business to business” sales concept.  ValuWorld Agents are professional business people, you are a professional businessperson and ValuWorld advertising programs are all business.  We visit you!  We listen to you!  We produce positive business results for you!

We service a wide variety of businesses…the smaller home-based business…a retail store…the service contractor…a hospitality business…the large corporation.  You want to sell more of your product or service!  You need an advertisement on ValuWorld.com!  If you currently do not have a presence on the Web, we can get you there!  If you have your own website, we can compliment your existing Web efforts and help drive more prospects to your site.  Every business has a story to tell.  We can help tell yours!

So…what don’t you get with ValuWorld?  Well, first of all…NO pornography!  It is not allowed, either directly or thru linking.  We do not allow it on our sites.  If we discover it or it is reported to us…we cut it out and disconnected it…period.  No “drop-down windows”!  The annoying window ads that suddenly appear and block a company’s advertisement and draw their prospects away!  Not allowed at ValuWorld!  The advertising space you pay for is all yours!

If you are a business…contact us now!

For the sales professional interested in starting your own full-time or part-time business -- ValuWorld may be for you!  We can help you get started almost anywhere in the world!  Take a look around the many ValuWorld sites.  If you want to learn more, select one of our “Agents” menu selections at anytime.  If you want information right now, click here!

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